Honor Moorman Consulting

Supporting students, teachers, schools, districts, and organizations
through educator coaching, professional learning, and curriculum development.


Honor Moorman provides instructional and leadership coaching, professional development workshops and resources, and curriculum writing and editing. Her areas of expertise are language arts and literacy; international studies and global education; and digital learning and 21st century skills. She coaches teachers and school leaders, provides professional development workshops and webinars, and produces curriculum and assessments for leading literacy and global education organizations throughout Texas and nationally.

Literacy Instruction

Best practices and methods for teaching English language arts, content area literacy, and disciplinary literacies.

Global Education

Strategies, approaches, and resources for implementing international studies and global learning.

Digital Learning

Inspiration and guidance for integrating digital technologies and teaching 21st century skills.

Educator Coaching

Instructional and leadership coaching, best practice implementation, and continual growth and improvement.

Professional Learning

Professional development workshops, institutes, presentations, webinars, and learning resources.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum and assessment design, writing, and editing for K-12 students and for educator professional development.