Curriculum Development

Designing, writing, and editing curriculum and assessments for K-12 students, university students, and educators.
With two decades of experience developing curriculum, Honor brings her talents as a writer, editor, and instructional designer to every project. Her approach to curriculum design is informed by her training in brain-based learning, multiple intelligences, the 4MAT learning cycle, and Understanding by Design.
Honor has a unique combination of big-picture vision and attention to detail that make her skilled in all aspects of curriculum development. She has significant experience developing semester and year-long courses in addition to modules, projects, and units, including online and blended learning formats.
As a designer and author, Honor has the knowledge and skills to develop curriculum for K-12 students as well as university undergraduate and graduate students. As an editor, she often revises existing curricula with attention to issues such as vertical alignment, differentiated instruction, levels of questioning, depth of knowledge, and alignment to standards. She is also available to guide your campus, district, or organization’s curriculum development team.

Significant Experiences

Global Competence Educator Micro-Credentials, 2016

Designed and developed professional learning modules to teach key methods and assess educators’ implementation of instructional strategies that help students develop global competence. Produced on behalf of World Savvy in partnership with Digital Promise.

  • “Simulations to Help Students Develop Greater Empathy”
  • “Whole-Class Discussions for Exploring Multiple Perspectives”
  • “Case Studies for Analyzing Multiple Perspectives”
  • “Small-Group Discussions for Critical Thinking about Global Issues”
  • “Knowledge to Action Projects”
  • “Global Collaboration Projects”
  • “Community-Based Learning Experiences”
  • “Communication for Global Action Using Technology”


“Campfire: Our Stories, Global Perspectives,” Global Nomads Group, 2015

Developed new content and revised existing content for the curriculum and educator guide to support of the Campfire virtual exchange program.

  • Upgraded the curriculum to support asynchronous implementation of a new technology platform.
  • Strengthened the Global Citizenship Project with differentiation.
  • Added scaffolding, enrichment, and higher-level thinking to all lessons.
  • Aligned the curriculum to state and national standards.
  • Revised and enhanced the corresponding professional development materials for educators.


“World of Work” Curriculum, Grades K-8, Eddywhere, 2017
  • Reviewed, revised, and edited 54 performance tasks and career exploration cards.
  • Improved the quality of essential questions, depth of learning intentions, and alignment to success criteria and resources across the curriculum.


Ross Learning System Project Director, Ross Institute, 2014-2015

Provided management and oversight of the Ross Learning System, including the full K-12 curriculum, histomap, and interactive digital spiral.

  • Hired, trained, and managed writers and editors to develop and edit the curriculum.
  • Served as point person for communications between external publishing teams, consultants, faculty members, and the Academic Team.
  • Developed and maintained training materials, guidelines and quality standards for curriculum writers and editors; ensured quality standards were met.
  • Coordinated editorial priorities; managed writing and editing assignments; ensured deadlines were met.


Global Competence Certificate Program, 2013
  • Co-developed program model for the premier, online, graduate-level certificate program in global competence education for in-service teachers, a partnership between Asia Society, World Savvy, and Teachers College, Columbia University.
  • Outlined course content, composed course descriptions, and developed detailed syllabi for the following courses: Digital Pedagogy, Inquiry-based Learning, Discussion Leadership, Innovative Pedagogy, and Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Global Competence.


Associate Director, Professional Development and Curriculum, Asia Society Education Department, 2012-2013
  • Managed the production of and wrote interdisciplinary curricula to address Asia Society’s Global Leadership outcomes.
  • Designed and developed Global Leadership Badges, a digital badge system for students.
  • Supported the development of global learning curricula in the core subject areas, a consultant certification process, and the Partnership for Global Learning annual conference.


Reviewer, Lesson Plans, 2006-2013

Reviewed and provided feedback on lesson plans submitted for publication.

  • “Reading Movies and TV: Learning the Language of Moving Image Text”
  • “Tell Your Own Version: Video-Inspired Vocabulary Journals”
  • “Engineering the Perfect Poem: Learning STEM Vocabulary Through Poetry”
  • “Making Memories: An End-of-Year Digital Scrapbook”
  • “Creating an Electronic Portfolio”
  • “You’re the Director!”
  • “Latino Poetry Blog: Blogging as a Forum for Open Discussion”
  • “Color, Consumerism, and Critique”
  • “This I Believe Podcasts—Giving Voice to Students with Disabilities”
  • “Critical Analysis Through Television Commercials: Media’s Hidden Messages and Purposes”
  • “Show and Tell: A Day in the Life of Middle School”
  • “Comparing a Literary Work to Its Film Interpretation”


Global Leadership Badges curriculum, Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network, 2012

Served as co-author and managing editor for the development of twelve interdisciplinary curriculum modules to address the Global Leadership performance outcomes.

  • “International News Coverage Analysis”
  • “Local Ashoka”
  • “Make a Difference”
  • “Millennium Villages”
  • “Next Generation Global Leadership”
  • “Passages”
  • “Storytelling”
  • “Sustain Urban Reform”
  • “Thinking Like a Nobel Laureate”
  • “Translating Infographics”
  • “UN Day PSA” (United Nations Day Public Service Announcement)
  • “Year-Round Justice”


Secondary Literacy Specialist, North East Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas, 2005-2007

Facilitated and participated in district-level curriculum-writing projects.

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Past Projects | Author

“Literacy Instruction in the Content Areas,” a blended learning course for Trinity University’s Master of Arts in Teaching program, 2017


Writing Lessons for Fourth-Grade STAAR Review, San Antonio Independent School District, 2017


“Growing Up in America: An Introduction to Learning Theories” course, Trinity University, Department of Education, 2015


English Language Arts, Reading, and Writing Lessons for Grades 4-10 STAAR Review, Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, 2015


“Billy Collins: Animated Poetry,” TED-Ed, 2012


“Next Generation Global Leadership,” TED-Ed, 2012


“Global Approaches to Nature Poetry,” Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network, 2012


English Language Arts Mini-Courses, grades 9-12, The International School of the Americas, 2000-2011

  • What Does “Green” Really Mean?
  • The Tale of Genji: Then and Now
  • Poetry in Translation
  • The Wild and Witty Plays of Oscar Wilde
  • Finding Your Muse, or Letting Your Muse Find You
  • A Fragmented Reality: Focus on Stein and Picasso
  • George Sand—Woman Writer, Revolutionary Thinker
  • Jane Austen: From Novel to Film
  • Adventures with Alice


Humanities course, grades 9-12, The International School of the Americas, 2010


Writing4Real course, grades 9-12, The International School of the Americas, 2010


“Lost or Found in Translation: Critical Questions for Global Readers,” Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network, 2009


“The Tale of Genji: Then and Now,” National Consortium for Teaching about Asia, Trinity University, 2009


PSAT Mini-lessons: “Identifying Sentence Errors,” “Improving Sentences,” and “Improving Paragraphs,” North East Independent School District, 2009


Career Exploration Internship course, grades 11-12, The International School of the Americas, 2008


“Changing the World One Poem at a Time: Reading and Writing Social Justice Poetry,” University of Texas at San Antonio, Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching, 2007


“Contemporary Literature and Literacy” course for grades 9-12, Trinity University, Upward Bound program, 2007


“Reading Instruction in the Middle Grades” course, Trinity University, Department of Education, 2007


“English Methods: Pedagogy for the Teaching of English” course, Texas State University, Department of English, 2007


Freshman Composition course, Texas State University, Department of English, 2007


“Where Are Your Poems Hiding?: A Poetry-Writing Workshop,” North East Independent School District, 2006


“Revving Up for Middle School Writing: Lessons for a Sixth-Grade Writing Workshop,” North East Independent School District, 2005


“Is What You See What Shakespeare Wrote?” for Waking Dreams: The Art of the Pre-Raphaelites, McNay Art Museum, 2005


“Looking at Africa through Contemporary Literature,” National Endowment for the Humanities, 2004


“Viewpoints” for Face It! Identity in Language Arts, Art, and Social Studies, McNay Art Museum, 2003


“The Power of Words: Protest Poetry and Political Change in South Africa,” Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program, 2002


English Language Arts course, grade 9, The International School of the Americas, 2002


Creative Writing course, grades 9-12, The International School of the Americas, 1999


Freshman Composition course, San Antonio College, Department of English, 1997


English Language Arts course, grade 12, The International School of the Americas, 1997

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Past Projects | Co-Author

“Interdisciplinary and Project Based Learning” and “Systems Thinking and Sustainability,” online professional development modules for the Ross Learning System, Ross Institute, 2015-2016


“Essential Questions for Globally Significant Issues” resource, Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network, 2015


Global Leadership Performance Outcomes and Rubrics, Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network, 2011


“21st Century Global Leadership” course, grades 9-12, The International School of the Americas, 2009


Advanced Contemporary Literacy courses for grades 6-8, North East Independent School District, 2007


English IV Dual Credit course, grade 12, North East Independent School District, 1999


English I Pre-Advanced Placement course, grade 9, North East Independent School District, 2004


English I Gifted and Talented course, grade 9, North East Independent School District, 2005

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Past Projects | Editor

“World Languages and Literature: English,” Ross Learning System, Ross Institute, 2015


“World Languages and Literature: English for Speakers of Other Languages,” Ross Learning System, Ross Institute, 2015


“Fresh Takes on a Flat World: The Stories Photos Tell,” What Kids Can Do, 2010

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English language arts and literacies, global learning,
and integration of instructional technologies.

Literacy Instruction

Best practices and methods for teaching English language arts, content area literacy, and disciplinary literacies.

Global Education

Strategies, approaches, and resources for implementing international studies and global learning.

Digital Learning

Inspiration and guidance for integrating digital technologies and teaching 21st century skills.