Global Education

Helping students develop global competence through learning experiences that are authentic, performance-based, and action-oriented.
We live in a global society.​ ​All students deserve an education that ​engages them as global citizens and ​fosters their​ development of global competence.​ Students need opportunities to engage in authentic work and explore globally significant issues. They need teachers to guide them in learning about the world through active inquiry and seeking to understand multiple perspectives. And they need global educators who support them in communicating and collaborating across borders and cultures to apply what they’ve learned and take real world action to address local and global challenges.
Honor’s global education journey began in 1997 when she joined the fledgling faculty of the International School of the Americas. Together they created a school culture and curriculum that became a nationally recognized model of excellence in global education and provided a blueprint for Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network.
Honor went on to support global learning in schools across the country and around the world through her work with Asia Society’s Center for Global Education, World Savvy, and Ross Institute. She now consults for those organizations as well as for Global Nomads Group, the Institute of International Education, and IREX (International Research and Exchanges Board), Primary Source, and World Leadership School.

Significant Experiences

Global Education Consultant, Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network, 2015-present

Providing professional development and coaching to educators and school leaders at Alief International Academy and Houston Academy for International Studies.


Global Education Consultant, World Savvy, 2015-present
  • Providing professional development and coaching to educators in Knox County Schools and Lenoir City Schools, Tennessee.
  • Provided professional development to educators in the Minnetonka School District, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Global Competence Educator Micro-Credentials, 2016

Designed and developed professional learning modules to teach key methods and assess educators’ implementation of instructional strategies that help students develop global competence. Produced on behalf of World Savvy in partnership with Digital Promise.

  • “Simulations to Help Students Develop Greater Empathy”
  • “Whole-Class Discussions for Exploring Multiple Perspectives”
  • “Case Studies for Analyzing Multiple Perspectives”
  • “Small-Group Discussions for Critical Thinking about Global Issues”
  • “Knowledge to Action Projects”
  • “Global Collaboration Projects”
  • “Community-Based Learning Experiences”
  • “Communication for Global Action Using Technology”


Dean of Instruction, The International School of the Americas, San Antonio, Texas, 2010-2011, 2015-2016
  • Created and facilitated professional development for the faculty; topics including educational technology for student-centered learning, performance tasks to address globally significant issues, explicit instruction in writing and revision across the content areas, tiered lesson design, and scaffolding for portfolio reflections.
  • Provided instructional coaching through lesson planning support, observations and feedback, model teaching, and collaborative curriculum and assessment design.
  • Served as a thought partner to the principal on matters of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and school culture.
  • Supported student success through data analysis and literacy interventions for struggling students.


“Campfire: Our Stories, Global Perspectives,” Global Nomads Group, 2015

Developed new content and revised existing content for the curriculum and educator guide to support of the Campfire virtual exchange program.

  • Upgraded the curriculum to support asynchronous implementation of a new technology platform.
  • Strengthened the Global Citizenship Project with differentiation.
  • Added scaffolding, enrichment, and higher-level thinking to all lessons.
  • Aligned the curriculum to state and national standards.
  • Revised and enhanced the corresponding professional development materials for educators.


Ross Learning System Project Director, Ross Institute, 2014-2015

Provided management and oversight of the Ross Learning System, including the full K-12 curriculum, histomap, and interactive digital spiral.


Global Competence Certificate Program, 2013
  • Co-developed program model for the premier, online, graduate-level certificate program in global competence education for in-service teachers, a partnership between Asia Society, World Savvy, and Teachers College, Columbia University.
  • Outlined course content, composed course descriptions, and developed detailed syllabi for the following courses: Digital Pedagogy, Inquiry-based Learning, Discussion Leadership, Innovative Pedagogy, and Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Global Competence.


Associate Director, Professional Development and Curriculum, Asia Society Education Department, 2012-2013
  • Developed, produced, hosted, and marketed, “Global Learning for Educators,” a twice-monthly webinar series.
  • Managed the production of and wrote interdisciplinary curricula to address Asia Society’s Global Leadership outcomes.
  • Designed and developed Global Leadership Badges, a digital badge system for students.
  • Created and conducted professional development to support teachers implementing the Graduation Performance System.
  • Supported the development of global learning curricula in the core subject areas, a consultant certification process, and the Partnership for Global Learning annual conference.


Global Leadership Badges curriculum, Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network, 2012

Served as co-author and managing editor for the development of twelve interdisciplinary curriculum modules to address the Global Leadership performance outcomes.


Global Education Consultant and Online Network Facilitator, Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network, 2011-2012
  • Managed and activated network-wide communication and collaboration via an online community.
  • Connected the network, highlighted best practices and opportunities via a weekly newsletter.
  • Designed and facilitated regional and school-based professional development and school site visits.
  • Hosted a ten-week online book study of Flattening Classrooms Engaging Minds.
  • Facilitated meetings, trainings, and workshops for ISSN consultants, school leaders, and teachers.


School Coach, The Global Learning Collaborative, New York City, New York, 2011-2012
  • Supported the principal in implementation of the Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network model and the Graduation Performance System.
  • Guided teachers in the development of curriculum and the implementation of best practice instructional strategies.


School Coach, The High School for Language and Diplomacy, New York City, New York, 2011-2012
  • Coached the principal on all aspects of instructional leadership: developing goals, creating a professional learning community, supporting teachers, and guiding and communicating with the school community.
  • Supported teachers in interdisciplinary curriculum planning and the development of performance assessments.
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Areas of Expertise

Authentic Work

Competency-Based Learning

Deeper Learning

Design Thinking

Enduring Understandings

Essential Questions

Experiential Learning

Global Collaboration Projects

Global Competence

Inquiry Learning

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

International Studies

Performance Assessment


Project Based Learning

Reflective Practice

Service Learning

Social and Emotional Learning

TEDx and TEDxYouth

Virtual Exchange

Virtual Tours

Visible Thinking Routines

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Instructional and leadership coaching, professional development
workshops and webinars, curriculum writing and editing.

Educator Coaching

Instructional and leadership coaching, best practice implementation, and continual growth and improvement.

Professional Learning

Professional development workshops, institutes, presentations, webinars, and learning resources.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum and assessment design, writing, and editing for K-12 students and for educator professional development.